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Caregivers of Veterans

The mission is to meet the needs of veterans and their caregivers, while also devising plans for veterans to continue receiving care when those looking after them no longer can do so.  

Caregiving Youth Support

The mission is to work with local aging service providers to identify the unique needs of caregiving children in their communities and support them by developing programs to meet those needs.  

We connect senior living community services to community caregivers.

We believe senior living communities and other institutions could offer support and guidance to caregivers and services normally provided to residents, such as housekeeping and maintenance, out to the residences of the constituent groups in need. Access to additional services including healthcare, personal care, social services and care coordination could be leveraged to the benefit of the constituent groups, while also leveraging the fixed costs of the senior living communities across a broader community, thereby creating a greater benefit for all participants.

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"Thought is the wind, knowledge the sail, and mankind the vessel."

- Augustus Hare

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