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Our Mission and Vision


Windshadow Group is committed to affecting social change by developing programs for individual caregivers and in partnership with senior living communities (SLCs). Our “connecting role” extends to other social service organizations and foundations who support, train, equip and assist adults and children who care for seniors, veterans, first responders and others with chronic or terminal medical conditions who live at home.





The Windshadow Group strives to lead collaborative partnerships with change-making organizations to connect the non-traditional partners of senior living communities and other institutional healthcare providers to support caregivers in their local community. 

Such support might be the provision of respite resources for the caregivers, access to social events and resources of a local senior living community, training and provision of caregiving tools and support. Further resources might address residential needs or home maintenance.

Windshadow will connect the network of professional caregivers in senior living communities to support constituents of need who are not residents in their facilities. Together, we will collaborate to transform current senior living communities and those who work and reside within, as resources in being change makers for caregivers, providing positive support and interaction. The goal is to collaborate and support the individual needs of their local caregivers who are often alone, overwhelmed and overlooked.

Senior Living Communities could offer services to community caregivers who do not reside in their communities. It could also mean that the senior living communities could offer services normally provided to residents, such as housekeeping and maintenance, out to the residences of the constituent groups in need. Access to additional services including healthcare, personal care, social services and care coordination could be leveraged to the benefit of the constituent groups, while also leveraging the fixed costs of the SLC across a broader community, thereby creating a greater benefit for all participants.

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